The Vehicle & Shipment Tracking Solution

The problems related to fleet management and security of your vehicles will no more be a concern. With the help of the ‘connected-vehicle’ technology, we help you keep a track on your vehicles and shipments for knowledge and security. We ease the process of fleet management and educate the vehicle-owners about the whole process. We are entitled among the top notch companies in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems in the country.

OFeX has been a great initiative for us, in regards to the fleet of vehicles it provides. Apart from enabling us to identify risk-adhering drivers, we have been able to keep a check on all the vehicles using a 100% risk-free and secure methods.

Vehicle security is our main priority, due to the recent theft of vehicles. OFeX’s Vehicle Tracking System provided us the ultimate solution, helping us to carry on with all our work while it single-handedly concentrated on all the security issues and provided us with the knowledge of vehicle whereabouts, in just a few clicks.

A full blown fleet management system is hard to fine and once found, is really expensive. With the introduction of OFeX’s GPS Tracking System, we are able to undergo vehicle maintenance and optimize our delivery routes at affordable prices and are highly satisfied with the service they provide.

We can't afford full blown fleet management system and GPS Tracking system. But now with OFeX GPS Tracking System, we are able to do vehicle maintenance and optimize our delivery routes with the price that we can afford.

OFeX Vehicle Tracking System is a safer means of vehicle & fleet management which is cheaper & efficient to operate

Real-time tracking with the fastest update in the industry

Longest historical data storage in the industry

99.95% platform service availability guaranteed

Real-time, immediate alert to your phone at no cost

Native apps for IOS and Android

Highly secured infrastructure backed by Amazon Web Services

Robust web services API available for integration

High definition IOT technology used for monitoring all activities

Best telematics software and solutions to provide a safer experience

Industry Leaders in Fleet and Shipment Telematics Solutions

OFeX engineers telematics solutions, for fleet management and vehicle and shipment tracking for different sectors. Amongst our clients, we handle the GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System techniques and solutions for industrial purposes.

Vehicle GPS Tracker

for private vehicle owners and small businesses

OFeX’s Vehicle GPS Tracker introduces numerous security and notification features, to help you constantly keep a watch over your vehicles.

Fleet Management Solutions

for small and large scale business enterprises in India

OFeX’s Fleet Management System boasts the best suite of solutions engineered to help small businesses and enterprises improve accountability of drivers, reduce operational costs.

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