Complete overview of Vehicle Operation

OFeX, declared as one of the best Vehicle Tracking Systems in India, is engineered to provide vehicle managers with a complete overview of ground operations.

Modern IOS and Android GPS tracking system app

Real-time tracking of all vehicles

Get the quickest location update in the industry, with Smart Update feature to provide vehicle tracking systems with real-time location of vehicles.

365 days location data storage

365 days storage of travel data and reports

Longest data storage in the industry that stores all the travel routes, reports and summaries for 365 days. Longer data storage can be requested.

Live notifications on vehicle movements

Instant alerts

Receive instant alerts in case of critical incidents, such as vehicle movement, high speed and fuel thefts, among others. Alerts are forwarded to mobile apps, platforms, or emails.

365 days location data storage

Exportable and printable reports in PDF form

All vehicles’ and drivers’ reports are exported in PDF and CSV format for printing purpose.

365 days location data storage

Automated daily and weekly reports

Automated generation of important reports and their addressability to fleet manager’s electronic mails on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

365 days location data storage

Support for multiple vehicles and managers

Management of multiple vehicles using a single account. New vehicle managers may also be added in order to handle different branches, or vehicle departments.

Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Dashboard

Dedicated Vehicle Dashboard that can be managed by multiple vehicle managers, providing actionable data to reflect real-time fleet health and performance.

Detailed vehicle health analytics & summary

Receival of present conditions of the entire vehicle system, on the dashboard. The dashboard summarizes important incidents and data for easy understanding of the vehicle managers.

Service & Maintenance Dashboards

Keeping a track of vehicle service log and maintenance information. Uploading receipts, invoices and comments for each service terminated.

Digital Driver Logbook

Getting rid of complex and unmanageable driver logbooks and embracing the future digital driver logbook. Drivers can sign in and update trip information using mobile apps.

Reduce vehicle operation costs

OFeX’s Vehicle GPS Tracking System is able to save you loads of money on each vehicle.

Identify vehicles with excessive idling & wasting fuel

Quickly spot vehicle responsible for excessive idling and fuel wastage.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear due to reckless behavior

Use self-generated technology to identify drivers with reckless behavior tendencies that may cause damage to the vehicle.

Upgrades to suit your needs

OFeX Vehicle is a total vehicle tracking solution, with comprehensive upgrades and add-ons, focusing to meet the needs of an evolving fleet. Select additional modules from our list of upgrades, all well integrated into a singular, unified platform for your fleet.

Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring System

Monitor fuel level of the vehicles. Get notified when there is a potential fuel theft.

MIS on Engine Management

Temperature Monitoring System

Such a system is perfect for cold storage transports. A detailed temperature reading is relayed to the platform. Get notified when the temperature exceeds your threshold.

Motor Insurance and Driver insurance protection

Remote Engine Shutdown

Add ability to remotely immobilize the vehicle in case of any emergencies. This upgrade can also be coupled with RFID & NRIC Driver Identification System.

Digital driver logbook

Live In-vehicle video streaming

Real-time streaming technology allows vehicle managers to view up to three simultaneous videos (front, rear and inside vehicle itself).

Digital driver logbook

RFID Driver Identification System

Ensure that only authorized drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle. This upgrade can be coupled with Remote Engine Shutdown, preventing unauthorized IDs from using the vehicle.

Digital driver logbook

India NRIC Driver Identification System

Use India National ID cards for the purpose of identifying the drivers of the vehicles. Name and NRIC numbers are reflected in real time, on the platform. This upgrade can be coupled with Remote Engine Shutdown.

Digital driver logbook

Panic/Emergency Button

Ability for drivers to send immediate alert to vehicles managers in the event of emergencies.